On 26 May I had the honour to give the keynote at the openSUSE conference. They asked me to talk about the Limux project in Munich. This talk was special talk for me, as in 1999 SUSE 6.0 was my first GNU/Linux distribution and therefore also my start into the Free Software movement. Below you will find the abstract and the recordings of the talk.

Entrance to the venue of the openSUSE conference 2017

Started in 200X the Limux was often cited as the lighthouse project for Free Software in the public administration. Since then we have regularly heard rumours about it. Have they now switched back to proprietary software again or not? Didn't they already migrate back last year? Is it a trend that public administrations aren't using Free Software anymore? Have we failed and is it time to get depressed and stop what we are doing? Do we need new strategies? Those are questions people in our community are confronted with.

We will shed some light on those questions, raise some more, and figure out what we -- as the Free Software community -- can learn from it.

You can either watch or download the video on the CCC's media server or on youtube:

As I mention in the talk, I would be very interested in discussions what we can learn from the Limux project and how we – as the Free Software movement – can improve. If you have comments, please feel free to start the discussion on the FSFE's general English speaking discussion list.