About Free Software topics

If you want to get in contact with me about about Free Software (also called Open Source Software) topics, as most of you probably want, then please use the ways listed on my FSFE about page; there you also find information about encrypted communication.

Keeping up with me

As the updates here on my blog are irregular I encourage you to subscribe using the RSS feed (a technology I encourage you to look into, in case you do not know about it).

One of the best ways to stay up to date with the software freedom topics I care about is to subscribe to the FSFE's e-mail updates where our experts and myself inform you about current news, events, activities, and how you can contribute.

I am also co-hosting the FSFE's Software Freedom podcast, so if you subscribe to the podcast you will also hear from me around every two months.

Beside that you might find some updates from me on Mastodon a federated and distributed Free Software micro blogging service in the Fediverse. The two proprietary services Linkedin and Xing mainly include contact details of mine and refer to this page here. Please do not use any of those services to contact me, as most likely I will not notice your messages there.

The preferred way to contact me is by e-mail (as described on my FSFE profile page) or by talking directly to me at one of the Free Software events I participate in.

About this website

For questions specific to the operation of the personal website k7r.eu of Matthias Kirschner please use: contact@k7r.eu.

Postal address

As required by German law, here the postal address:

Matthias Kirschner
c/o Free Software Foundation Europe
Schönhauser Allee 6/7
10119 Berlin