We are looking for a photograph which we can use to promote PDFreaders.org in an upcomming activity. We had the idea of one of this street signs (e.g. at highways) were the government or the European Union are advertising a project (e.g. this bridge is sponsered by the EU and XY).

We want to modify it, so we have something like:

"To drive on that highway you need a [car manufacturer]. You can do a gratis test drive at your local [car manufacturer] dealer. Your government."

That is like the Adobe advertisement on many websites from the public adminstration.

We would need a high quality picture of one of those signs, the right for us to modify it, so we can use it on our websites and give the press the right so they can use it however they like. So if you are able to sent us a photograph (either made by yourself, a friend of you, or you find it on the internet with the necessary rights for us), please sent it to pdfreaders at fsfeurope.org. Looking forward to your help.

PS: You can already help us a lot by linking to PDFreaders when you offer PDFs on your website. E.g. by using one of our pdfreaders graphics Markus Meier kindly made for us. I would also like to thank Stian for the two small images at the buttom and Sylvain Beucler for providing the French version.