In the first time when we migrated to wordpress for the Fellowship blogs I was a bit confused about the difference between categories and tags. And when I talked to Fellows they are also a bit unsure about that. So I read a bit more about it, especially a blog post about "categories vs. tags" to find a good solution.

And here it is: As I will also blog in German from time to time my conclusion from this article was to use categories only for languages; so I have the categories "English" and "Deutsch". For the rest I will use tags, as they can be added faster than categories. E.g. I tagged this message with "infrastructure, wordpress, blog".

The nice thing is, you have RSS feeds for categories as well as for tags... E.g. the category "Deutsch" is "?cat=708" on my blog (if you use another option it is possible that it is "/deutsch"). So to get a RSS feed with only the blog entries from the German category you can add the category name this way to the feed URL so you have "". That is it. Blog about Free Software using Free Software :-) .