During my keynote at GUADEC this year I mentioned that we should not just look for people who can contribute on the same level as we do in the Free Software community. But that we need to find actions, with a low barrier to participate so our friends, parents, children can also take part.

Matthias Kirschner speaking at GUADEC

Matthias Kirschner on stage at GUADEC, CC-By Garrett LeSage

This includes showing others that you support software freedom by using T-shirts, bags, pins, or stickers. I was mentioning that once in Berlin I saw a GNOME sticker over the button of a pelican crossing. But unfortunately I could not find that picture before the talk as I remembered it just the night before the talk, and could not find it on my laptop. Still, during GUADEC several people asked me about that picture again. All I could say was that it was during one of the Linuxtage in Berlin. On my way back I checked my laptops's hard disk again, but still without success.

A few weeks ago while I was polishing up the notes for the speech about universal computing---so others can reuse them when talking about software freedom---I remembered the picture and I challenged myself to find it. So I spent some more time to dig through my backup disks. Finally I found it, and this week I was also able to find out who the author is.

Dear GNOME community, as a modest gift for the holiday season, here the picture from Linuxtag 2009 taken by Christoph Göhre (can be used under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License):

Gnome sticker on a crosswalk button, above it says in German "please

If you could not participate at GUADEC you missed meeting a lot of awesome Free Software contributors, but you can still watch the talk: The video from my keynote is now online. There is also a shorter version from Akademy, as well as a German recording from FrOSCon.