The goal of our DFD activity last month was to highlight Open Standards in general and Ogg vorbis in particular (see als the German article). The activity was quite succesfull. I also wrote that we want to continue this in April and gave some examples:

  • Write a letter to a radio station and ask them for an Ogg vorbis stream
  • Help our sisterorganisation, the FSF to update the radio stations on the Ogg friendly sites page.
  • When you are shopping, ask the shop assistants to only show you all the media players who are able to play Ogg vorbis (and/or flac) (I already did that several times :) )
  • Send Ogg-Vorbis audio files to your friends and help them to install Free Software to play it (e.g. Video Lan Client).
  • Try to always say "Ogg-Vorbis player" instead of "mp3 player" in that month. I am sure people will ask you what that is. So you can explain.

As I want to know what you have done, or motivateyou to still do one of the things, I will tell you what I did. I have not yet written to a radio station, but I plan to do so because it is just five minutes to write a "hey do you also offer Ogg-Vorbis streams". I directed two people to the the Ogg friendly sites page and asked them to contribute. As I was not shopping in a place were you can buy media players I was not able to ask the anyone to show me all their Ogg players.

I did not say "Mp3 player" the whole month but used "Ogg player" instead. Because I did that I was able to talk with some people about Ogg vorbis because they asked what that is. In my presentations I gave for the BELUG and for the youth organisation of the Green party (see the FSFE event page for more details) I listed "Ogg players" as an example where you have software today.

Finally I gave an interview for Dradio Wissen (in German) about FSFE, Open Standards, and Ogg vorbis.

Now you have two days left to rOgg on in April. Send out an e-mail or letter to a radio station, promote playogg on your website, share some Ogg vorbis files, or just talk with your friends about Ogg players and explain them what this is. I will now use the Dradio contact form to ask them if it is possible to have the podcasts in Ogg vorbis, too.