You might have noticed, since my vacation I still have several articles on my reading list. Now I have one recommodation for you: Till Jaeger's article "Google, GPL and the Market of Mobile Telephony". It is about the the commentor Florian Müller's arguments "that Linux developers can legally attack manufacturers of Android-based mobile phones for violating the GPL license in case those manufacturers have once breached the GPL conditions."

In this context, questions regarding the implications of GPL licensing come to mind. One of these questions have been receiving considerable attention after blogger Florian Müller argued that Android hardware makers that once have violated the GPL terms (e.g., by not offering the relevant source code) automatically lost their position as licensees and must acquire permission anew from Linux rights holders on an individual basis. The meager prospects of such re-licensing to occur in reality would place Linux developers in a convenient position to bring legal actions against once-GPL-violators quite easily. [...] To be sure, such interpretation of the GPL license is hardly true under German law..