Spread the word -- New Year's resolution

2009.01.08 by Matthias Kirschner in #fsfe #advocacy

Some time passed since I last wrote about Free Software related books here. Not that there was nothing interesting. It was just that I was to busy with university to write about it. So what happened?

  • Representation: Very important for me was that beginning from this year there will be a Fellowship representation in FSFE's General Assembly. I am looking forward to have you in the GA as Fellowship representative :)
  • PDFreaders.org: We also discussed pdfreaders.org with our Fellows and on our public discussion lists. Until now we received very positiv feedback. So Hannes, Henner and Stian will work to incorporate the feedback and than we will announce the campaign in a press release. Of course you can already help us with putting the graphics (thanks to Markus for those nice graphics!!!) on your website, or asking friends and colleagues to do so.
  • Fellowship Interview: There was an interesting Fellowship Interview with Hanno. If you know a Felow we should interview, please write me or Stian an e-mail.
  • Translation sprint: Our translaters have also been quite active since we started the 4 weeks translation sprint. You have three days left to help to complete our goals.

2009 New Year's

And now for something completely different: What can I do to improve things for myself and others? That is the first question in the comic strip of FSFE's New Year's Resolution. Here are some things that you can do to help spread this message:

  • Add the button on your website. E.g. with the following html snippet:

  • Add a signature in your e-mail or blog. E.g.

    • "Support Free Software in 2009 (http://fsfeurope.org/2009)"
    • "2009 - Time to get active (http://fsfeurope.org/2009)
  • Print out the pdf version and distribute it in your company/university/Free Software user group.
  • Submit the news to community sites or vote for them. I know it was already submitted to Slashdot and FSdaily. In Germany pro-linux also wrote about it (German), and there was an intersting discussion in the comments.

So that's it for today :)