In February 2020, I was giving a talk titled "The core values of software freedom" at FOSDEM's largest auditorium (video recording). It was great to talk to such a large audience and have all those great discussions afterwards. Briefly afterwards, in March 2020, I gave the same talk at FOSS Backstage (video recording), especially enjoying the Q&A afterwards. Unfortunately, then the pandemic hit Europe, and it was my last conference in person for that year. So the next months I heavily missed having in person discussions with people I know and with new people I could have met at conferences.

Nevertheless, I had great online discussions about the topic of the talk, which encouraged me to think about how we can condense the message of the talk further to reach more people with it -- maybe with a short video similar to our "Public Money? Public Code!" video. When one person, who already before sent me kudos for my FOSDEM talk, heard about it, he offered to make a larger donation to cover the costs for such a video.

Alexander Lehmann, who also created the FSFE's "Public Money? Public Code!" video, was available with his team to work on the implementation of the video. It was a great pleasure to work with them on the video and find a way how to condense a 30-minutes talk into a short video.

We published this short "The Core Values of Software Freedom" video during the FSFE's 20-year anniversary, which was also the introduction of the FSFE's self-hosted peertube instance.

Afterwards, we received some feedback that people like the video, but would prefer an even shorter one and suggested shortening the existing video and make a few adjustments. After many people in the FSFE core team agreed to this, we again worked with Alexander Lehmann on the adjustments.

This week we published it: a video explaining the essential four rights to use, study, share, and improve software. Rights that help to support other fundamental freedoms like freedom of speech, press, and privacy. And all of that in less than 3 minutes, so the video can easily be shared whenever you want to quickly explain the topic to others.

Please share the video with friends, colleagues, and the public on different channels, embed it on your website with the provided code snippets, let us know how you like it by commenting, and if you see it on platforms which you are using, by rating the video there.

By doing this, you increase the chance that the video will be seen and recommended to people who have never heard of software freedom before. Help them learn what Free Software is, in less than 3 minutes!

Thank you.