At FSCONS we held the second PDFreaders sprint after the one in the UK, which was also organised by Sam. We had around 10 participants at the workshop, checked several websites from our buglist, translated form letter, and petition into Swedish. Special thanks to Daniel Melin, Henri Nordstrom, and Josef Andersson for this!

Until now 511 out of 2081 (24%) reported public websites have fixed this bug, and 58organisations, 56 businesses, and 1938 individuals have signed thepetition. If you have not yet done so sign now!!!

Our next steps are:

  • Get questions asked in different parliaments about the non-free software adverstisement
  • Continue to follow-up
  • Motivate more people to participate in activities like bug hungs, etc.
  • Clarify it on the website, that you can also contact companies about it, not just public administrations.