At the weekend I had some minutes and did a follow-up on the PDFreaders buglist. I just clicked on some bugs, checked if they still contain the advertisement for non-free software. If they do, I follow the existing Follow-up Guide. If they do not see any advertisement I do the following:

  • Check with a search engine if another "adobe" or "acrobat" is on the domain? (e.g. with If there is one, update the buglist with the new URL in "bugs-XY.xml" (you can also write an e-mail to our web team if you have no access to modify the website
  • If there is none, I mark the bug as fixed in "bugs-XY.xml
  • Then I write a short thank you e-mail to public body

This way, I fixed 7 bugs for Germany. Now we have 113 out of 561 reported bugs fixed (= 20%) and worldwide 546 out of 2084 (= 26%). It helps us a lot if you do the same!