Do you like football? Well you do not have to, to participate at the EURO 2012. Guido Arnold announced a parallel tournament for the European football championship 2012. The criteria: Free Software usage in the public administration. The rules are relatively simple, you can read them in Guido's blog. Tomorrow evening there will be 22 matches. Enough time for you to influence the them.

Either you create a wiki account and add information about Free Software usage in the public administration to the overview page, or you write a short message with the hashtag #euro4fs to Guido. One possible source is OSOR's news archive.

As it is common in football since some time to bribe the referee, this is also possible: Just transfer the money to FSFE's bank account with the subject "donation for Free Software European championship [Country name]" and announce your bribery via microblog with the above mentioned hashtag ;)