Together with Lena I am preparing this years attendance for Linuxtag in Berlin. You will find FSFE's booth in hall 72B, booth 124. As I was on vacation last week and will go to FSFE's general assembly on Thursday the planning is a bit though this year. But I hope we will be able to implement some new ideas.


One things some Fellows asked for was a PDF version of the Fellowship comic strip from this New Years campaign without the 2009 reference for general use. I just played around with inkscape and created the leaflets. Here they are (You can help help FSFE by spreading this leaflets at events you attend.):

So if you live around Madrid, I hope to see you at the social event in Miraflora on June 20. And if you are able to make it to Linuxtag in Berlin, I am looking forward to see you at our booth so we can have a chat, or join us on Friday 26 June at the BBQ with the Berlin Fellowship group.