Before I start, let me say that I am a big fan of MFAs.

Can you imagine a world without acronyms? Some of them are really useful; imagine how many time you have to spent on typing if you cannot just write FYI, IMHO, FSFE, or most important RTFM. But they are not only useful, they also are very kool -- e.g. KDE, K3b, GNU... (yes, look them up yourself ;-P ).

But sometimes they can be very confusing, too. And I am really glad I can use dict to look them up. For example with mails:

  • MUA - Mail User Agent
  • MTA - Mail Transport Agent
  • MDA - Mail Delivery Agent

Today I heard about MFAs, but dict gives me:

"No definitions found for 'MFA'".

So know you will learn something which you cannot look up in your dictionary ;). MFAs are Mail Folding Agents. And today I saw pictures of them. Please read Rainer's article to learn more about them.

Mechtilde, Frosch, Yalla, Byte, DocKane, Mikeadvo, Rainer_work, Mario and Kerstin: You are the heros of the day!!! Thank you very much for your work!!!