In 26 days there is Document Freedom Day. And after Edgar already gave information about their activity in Offenburg (Germany), and FSUGItalia also posted information I feed obliged to not wait any longer.


This year three DFD groups will have a joint activity in Berlin, Cologne, and Vienna. I will not yet tell you all the details but let me say: There will be a winner of our price in Germany and one in Austria, the price will be a DFD tart, there will be lot of fun, and we will rOGG.

The topic of those three groups will be the Open Standard for
audio OGG Vorbis. The groups already translated into German and sent it to our sister organisation FSF for publication on the website.

In Berlin and Cologne the groups will meet at about 14:45. Exact times and places will be announced on the mailing lists below. So everybody interested to participate in one of those cities, please contact:

You can be sure that you will have a lot of fun and that you do something good for Open Standards and Free Software. We will keep you informed.