Yesterday we had a local Fellowship meeting at the Newthinking Store in Berlin. It was a very nice meeting. In the beginning Fellow Robert Schuster gave a presentation about relevance of OpenMoko for the Free Software community. As you already might have seen in Robert's latest blog, entry you can download the slides here. The presentation was very interesting, and also the discussion we had afterwards.

Than we decided how we should met in future. And after some discussion, which is normal in a round of 14 people, we agreed to met every second Thursday in the month at the Newthinking store (which I again would like to thank for offering their room).

Afterwards we moved to a pub, had some drinks and very good discussions.

So that is it for now: A very nice meeting, with more meetings to look forward to :)

Update: On the blog entry from the msc, you can find some pictures of the event.