Jitsi and the power of shortcuts

2020.03.26 by Matthias Kirschner in #fsfe #tech

During the last weeks I have used more video calls than in the past; and often the software used for that was Jitsi meet. That also meant that it made sense for me to look into how I and others can use this software more efficiently -- which for me means looking into the available shortcuts.

If you are using Jitsi meet, e.g. on one of its public instances, you can press ? and then will see the list of shortcuts:

F - Show or hide video thumbnails
M - Mute or unmute your microphone
V - Start or stop your camera
A - Manage call quality
C - Open or close the chat
D - Switch between camera and screen sharing
R - Raise or lower your hand
S - View or exit full screen
W - Toggle tile view
? - Show or hide keyboard shortcuts
SPACE - Push to talk
T - Show speaker stats
0 - Focus on your video
1-9 - Focus on another person's video

What I use most of the time is Mto quickly switch between being muted or unmuted; sometimes then in combination with first muting and then press SPACE while quickly saying something in a larger group and as soon as I stop pressing it, I am muted again.

Another often used one for me is V to turn off / turn on my webcam in combination with A to quickly reduce the video quality (unfortunately I have not found a way that the default is lower video quality).

And finally, especially when I am moderating meetings, I encourage people to use Rto indicate if someone wants to say something. This way I do not have to ask several times in a meeting if someone wants to add a point, or if there is another question. (This is also a feature for which I am missing a quick access in the Jitsi meet mobile application.)

In general I encourage you to check what shortcuts are available in a software you have to use more often, as in my experience you will highly benefit from that knowledge over time.