Hi Fellows,

as I was asked three times about where you can order merchandising from FSFE in a short period, I reconised it is not mentioned on fsfe.org (I also recognised that Christmas is coming closer ;) ). I will think about where we should mention it on fsfe.org (if you have ideas, please let me know). Meanwhile I give you the direct link to [FSFE's order page] (http://www.fsfeurope.org/order/). There you can order t-shirts, hooded shirts, girlies, and other stuff. If you miss something there do not hesitate to write office at fsfeurope.org what you really need :).

PS: And if your friend is complaining that it is getting too cold to just wear computer t-shirts, be a friend and give him the link so he can order a "Free Software / Free Society" hooded shirt to show he is a supporter of Free Software without getting a cold ;)