many of us have started using the Free Software microblogging service to send status updates and interesting links. is based on the StatusNet platform (formerly, which is available under the AGPL. Here is some information on how you can spread the word about Free Software and FSFE by microblogging.

  • Groups: We have created the group "fsfe". If you want to send a notice to all people in this group, just put "!fsfe" somewhere in your message. Beside that we also set up the group "!fs" as a short group name for Free Software. Other groups which might be of interest to you are the "GNU is Not Unix" group "!gnu", and our sister organisation's "!fsf" group. There are many other groups with people interested in Free Software that you also might want to inform about interesting things. Feel free to look for them.
  • Tags: We encourage you to use the #fellowship, #pdfreaders, #dfd, etc. tags in your messages when they are related to the named topic.
  • FSFE user: If anything noteworthy should happen, we will inform you about it with our user "fsfe"
  • Replacing Twitter with When you are logged in to, go to "connect Twitter" . Add your twitter account details and activate the checkbox "Automatically send my notices to Twitter". From now on, you do not have to use the non-free Twitter anymore, but still can sent messages there.
  • Many people of FSFE's core team also use microblogging. If you want to, you can directly subscribe to them. Just check out who is writing to "!fsfe".