FSFE election for Fellowship GA seat

2010.01.08 by Matthias Kirschner in #fsfe #election #fellowship

There will be an election for a second Fellowship seat in FSFE's General Assembly between the 1st and 28th February 2010. The winner of the election will help FSFE's strategic decision making body plan the future of the organisation, and will join Torsten Grote, who occupies the first Fellowship seat since earlier last year.

Both Fellowship representatives are full members of the General Assembly, and have all the rights and obligations of other members. Now the details of the election:

  • Who can vote? All registered Fellows can vote.
  • Who can be elected? To be a candidate, you need to have been an active Fellow for at least a year before the election. This helps to make sure that the people elected into the GA are familiar with the organisation and its work.
  • Election Platform All candidates should use the wiki and/or blog as a promotion platform, so that it will be possible for their Fellow voters to know them. (You can also choose to make the wiki page only visible for other Fellows)
  • Voting System For the voting process we will use the Schulze method, a popular voting system used by Debian, Wikimedia and others. It is a well tested method and has proven to be resistant to voting anomalies.

To become a candidate, please send an e-mail, NO LATER THAN 25 January 2010 to fellowship@fsfeurope.org with the subject line "Candidate Fellowship seat." In the email you should state that you want to run for election into the GA along with information about yourself, which we can use to compile the list of candidates for all Fellows like last year.

You can only register yourself as a candidate; suggesting others is not possible. But if you know other Fellows that you consider would be good candidates, please motivate them to register themselves. If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact me via fellowship@fsfeurope.org. For reference also see: