We currently wrap-up the PDFreaders campaign, and we need your help to measure our success.

Started in 2009 FSFE's goal with the campaign was to get rid of advertisement for proprietary PDF readers. We focused on the websites of public administrations, and many people helped us gather contact details for over 2000 public websites which advertised non-free software. Many people helped us to contact the public administrations, governments were made aware of it and published guidelines. Until now we know that 772 of the 2110 bugs were fixed, which is a 36% success rate.

A highway without any advertisement

But for most countries we did not check the status for several months now. That's why we need your help now to make one final round. We are looking for volunteers who can help us checking websites in their native language.

Here a step by step guide:

Check the etherpad to see if someone is already working on your country list

  • If yes, please coordinate directly who takes care about what, so you do not waste your time
  • If no, please indicate in the pad that you start to work on it.

For each web page listed on the page or the xml file, go to the web page and search if there is still an advertisement for non-free PDFreaders

If yes, keep the bug open.

If no, use your favourite search engine with a query like: “site:DomainNameOfOrganiation.TLD adobe acrobat pdf reader

  • If you have no results, close the bug by adding the current date in the “closed” field in the xml file
  • If you have some results and there is still advertisment without also listing Free Software PDF readers, let the bug open and change the link in the “institution-url” field to one from the results you just found.

If the link is broken, use the query from the point above

  • If you have some results and there is just advertisement for non-free PDF readers, change the broken url with a new one in the “institution-url” field.
  • If you have no result close the bug by adding the current date in the “closed” field.

When you have finished to update, please inform others by updating the status on the public pad and sent the xml file to our web team.

Now, you have all our gratitude. Thank you very much!

Afterwards we will send an update about how many institutions removed the advertisement, and what else we achieved together with you in the campaign.