At the weekend I was in Vienna to participate in Vienna's Fellowship meeting, and to meet with the Fellows there, especially Martin Gollowitzer, the new Deputy Fellowship coordinator.

So first on Friday evening I attended the Fellowship meeting at metalab (for those of you who know the c-base in Berlin, it is the Vienna equivalent). It was also the first time I meet Georg Kienesberger and Peter Bubestinger -- our Austrian team coordinators -- as well as a lot of very motivated Fellows. After participating in the Fellowship meeting, I know that we are on the right track with the Fellowship and that we will achieve a lot for Free Software in Europe.

On Saturday, Martin and myself discussed several aspects of the Fellowship and our future goals. You will definitely read more about that. But you should already block 13-15 November 2009 in your calenders, as we will have a Fellowship meeting in Göteborg at the FSCONS.

And now to something completely different. For lunch we did the bravest thing in my life, we went to the origin of the legend about the Schnitzelmonster -- the Temple of Schnitzel also called Schnitzelwirt by the natives. For the background: Nobody is allowed to write about the details of this ancient legend. They are only given from brave Fellows to other brave Fellows in the right place and the right time. There only exists on old song about what happened at the Schnitzelwirt. Now on Saturday, together with with a small group of other brave Fellows we pilgered to the place where everything begun and honoured those who have been there before. And yes, we were able to finish the ceremony and earned the respect of of the Schnitzelwirt.

If you are living around Vienna or your travel brings you near by, you should definitely visit the Fellowship meetings there. They are announced on FSFE's events site, or via FSFE's RSS event feed.