Yesterday at the Fellowship meeting in BerlinĀ Ali Gunduz gave a talk about the "Fully Free GNU/Linux Distribution Movement". Here the abstract:

For the past few years, a growing number of GNU/Linux distributions have been started with the specific goal of ensuring users' software freedoms before everything else. In this presentation, I will try to draw an overview of the fully free GNU/Linux distribution movement and provoke participants to think about software distributors' ethical responsibilities. What aspects of mainstream GNU/Linux distributions does this movement not find sufficient? Which distributions align themselves with the movement? What is their rationale for limiting functionality of their software offerings in the name of upholding user freedoms? What does a binary blob mean and what does the Linux-libre Project claim to accomplish that the vanilla kernel Linux doesn't? How does the fully free GNU/Linux distribution movement affect the rest of the free software ecosystem? I am planning to keep the overall tone of the discussion newcomer-friendly while also providing some food for thought for the technically inclined.

It was a very interesting discussion. After the talk, when I bought something to drink from Martin, who is working for the newthinking store, he showed me he already tested the Trisquel Live-CD on his notebook and everything including Wifi was working.

Also on the agenda was the preperation for the Document Freedom Day on March 31st. I am already looking forward to it.

Before we left the Newthinking Store, Martin took a picture of all people not afraid to see their picture on the internet showing Ali our love with a big group hug.

Fellowship Group hugging Ali