As promised here an update on our DFD activties for Germany and Austria.

This week the German and the Austrian team >published a press release about our DFD activity (at the moment only in German)). The news that we and FFII will give our this years DFD price to Deutschlandradio (Germany) and Radio Orange 94.0 for their use of Ogg-Vorbis already got good media coverage on Gulli, Golem, Heise, Netzpolitik, OSZine, and Pro-Linux.


I am now very much looking forward to Wednesday to meet the people from Deutschlandradio in Berlin. They said, they are also looking forward to get our famous DFD tart.

To spread the knowledge about Open Standards and Ogg-Vorbis in particular, we would like to ask you to make Ogg-Vorbis your topic for April. What does that mean? Here some ideas for this month:

  • Write a letter to a radio station and ask them for an Ogg vorbis stream
  • Help our sisterorganisation, the FSF to update the radio stations on the Ogg friendly sites page.
  • When you are shopping, ask the shop assistants to only show you all the media players who are able to play Ogg vorbis (and/or flac) (I already did that several times :) )
  • Send Ogg-Vorbis audio files to your friends and help them to install Free Software to play it (e.g. Video Lan Client).
  • Try to always say "Ogg-Vorbis player" instead of "mp3 player" in that month. I am sure people will ask you what that is. So you can explain.

Beside that I would also be very interested if you find out which radio stations have introduced Ogg-Vorbis streams at what date. If you have other ideas what you can do, share them in your blogs, microblog about them with the hashtags #roggon / #playogg, or share your ideas on our public dicsussion lists. So help us to rOgg On in April.