Today at the Logan CIJ Symposium, some dedicated volunteers helped journalists to get started with Tails. I used that opportunity to create a new Tails USB stick, too. In the evening I wanted to test the stick with some computers. Tails worked fine on a Thinkpad X61, but with a Dell XPS 13 9343 I got the following error message:

No bootable device found.
Press F1 key to reboot.
Press F2 key for setup utility
Press F5 key to run onboard diagnostic.

After I removed the USB device the problem persisted, and I was not able to boot the installed GNU/Linux distribution! I tried several things I found online—without success.

In the end the following solution worked for me; please be aware that I do not take any responsibility if you break anything with those steps and this post is mainly to document the steps for myself:

When switching the machine on, I pressed F2 to enter setup mode. Then I went to General -> Boot Sequence and choose Load Defaults (which removes the item from the system I tried to boot). I switched the computer off and booted again into setup mode. This time I choose Add Boot Option, gave it the name of the distribution, and added EFI/distribution/grubx64.efi under File Name. Afterwards I was able to boot again into my GNU/Linux distribution.