A lot to do, but we try to do a lot

2008.09.11 by Matthias Kirschner in #Berlin #events #privacy

Today I followed Christof's invitation to the Fellowship meeting in Berlin. We had a lot of topics today.

picutre from Fellowship meeting in the Newthinkingstore with five guys
pointing towards a Freedom not Fear

  • We talked about what we want to do at the Software Freedom Day on 20. September. Stephan (from FFII -- one of FSFE's associates) will soon put our plans online.
  • Next topic was the "Freedom not fear" demonstration in Berlin on 11. October where we will participate. You also see us with the event poster in the picture.
  • On 1. November there is a Free Software event called BLIT in Potsdam where Grischa and Stephan will organise a cool Free Software island for FSFE and FFII.
  • Then we brainstormed a bit what we can do on September 24, which is World Day Against Software Patents. Stephan will keep the Berlin team updated about that.
  • And last but not least Christof informed us about this years FSCONS from 24. to 26. October at the IT-University Gothenburg, which is quite good to reach from Berlin and from my experience more than worth visiting!!!

Afterwards we had some beer and than I wrote this blog entry.